Whether you are having a Gala, awards ceremony, holiday party, fundraiser, or just want to put on a fun and exciting event for your company, our team at GBE Event strive to provide the best production and DJ entertainment for your guest to enjoy! We understand the level of energy needed for every event. Our goal is as always to create the perfect atmosphere of fun and nuance, which allows your guests feeling the desire to contribute to your cause, and partake in the fun activities planned. There are endless enhancements we can provide for team building activities, or just a day of enjoying time with each other out on the dance dance-floor.

We can also provide AV rentals for your corporate meetings, if you just need audio speakers & wireless mics, or TV and projector displays for presentations. Whatever the need; GBE can provide it.

What makes us different from every other entertainment company? It’s the fact that our staffs of professional DJs, MCs’, Dancers, and Entertainers are all passionate about each job they do. Personality and our relationships with our clients are what separates us from the next company. We strive to surpass expectations on every event! It’s not about how little or how much you can spend to get the most return; it’s how amazing you can create the atmosphere and flow. That’s what our team at GBE focus on. And our continued success and relationships with many corporations portray just that.

Some of the popular services we provide other than DJ entertainment, are photo booth stations, casino game night tables, cigar rollers, lounge furniture decor, pipe & drapes, lighting design, Hollywood search lights, balloon design artists, life size Disney characters or celebrity impersonators, and other fun and interactive games for your guests to enjoy!

For more information on how you can deliver the best entertainment at your next Fund Raiser, Gala or Holiday Party, please call us or send us an email with information about your upcoming event.