What Are the Key Ingredients for a Classic LGBT Wedding in NJ

What Are the Key Ingredients for a Classic LGBT Wedding in NJ

What Are the Key Ingredients for a Classic LGBT Wedding in NJ

Every wedding is a grand occasion and you want to have the most memorable time ever on that day. For that, you are going to need to very good event management and the right services to enjoy the occasion to the fullest.

Now, if you’ve already been hunting for the best LGBT wedding DJ, you might have read a fair cross-section of wedding suggestions. Still, since you are here, you might not have created the perfect plan for your wedding. So, let us help you by telling you the 3 most important things you need for a smashing LGBT wedding in NJ 2019.

3 Essential Things You Need to Have for a Great LGBT Wedding

An Awesome DJ

Nothing sets the stage for a night worth remembering that a great DJ ripping out the latest hits on blaring woofers! If this sounds like your kind of fun time then we suggest getting an LGBT wedding DJ with a good reputation. After all, once the rings are exchanged, dancing to the hottest pop tracks is all but obvious.

A Kickass Photographer

When you are all dressed up and walking down that isle, you want to have those wonderful moments captured forever right? So, getting a wedding photographer in NJ is obvious. But you can’t just settle for any odd photographer either. Get yourself a top-grade wedding photographer who can snap the perfect frames for your forever after shelf!

A Photo Booth!

We know we know! You’re thinking who uses a photo booth in 2019? And yes, these are more novelty items than for actual pictures. Still, the laughter and candidness you can get from an NJ photo booth service are of its own caliber. Get the top NJ photo booth service for yourself and let all your invitees have their own weird faced photos to remember your big day by!

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Where Can You Get the Best LGBT Wedding Ensemble in NJ?

If you are as sold on the wedding ideas we have mentioned above as most same-sex couple in Jersey, then GBE Event is where you can meet all these requirements. We offer complete wedding packages which not only give you all the services you need but also save you a decent few bucks on top. So get in touch with us for your customized LGBT wedding package now!

What Should A One Stop Shop for Wedding Planning in NJ Offer

What Should A One Stop Shop for Wedding Planning in NJ Offer?

What Should A One Stop Shop for Wedding Planning in NJ Offer

Getting together a wedding plan can be the most difficult thing ever. However, there is no need to pull out your hair on the 11thhour. If you are having a wedding, then all you need to find is a one stop shop for wedding planning in NJ. There are a few companies like that in the state and they can sort out your needs pretty easily. So, here are some essential services that your wedding package should have. Read them to choose the best one for your needs

5 Key Services Every One Stop Shop for Wedding Planning Should Offer


Choosing the venue for your big wedding can be a very challenging task. However, a good wedding planner should be able to suggest the best ones for your needs and budget. If you go for compiled wedding plans then they will also offer some choice locations. You should ideally visit the place and get the feel of it to know if it will do for your big day.


Your wedding decor is the backdrop for your great day. It needs to be perfect. This is the first thing a great wedding package should offer. Now, there are plenty of decor themes for weddings from classic white to the Avengers. You can choose the one you want for yours and be sure that a good company will also offer you a decent discount.

Wedding Officiant

A wedding officiant, specifically for your faith or denomination, might not be so easily found. A great wedding events management company can offer some very easy solutions and book a trusty clergy person for the event. So, look for a wedding package which includes this facility and you can write this one off you things to get for the wedding list.


There are few things more unwinding than letting it go on the dance floor after the ceremonies have been concluded. Getting the top wedding DJ entertainment in NJ and NYC is a good place to start. If you chose a good company then they will offer musical performances as part of the package.


You want to get the best food in the state on your wedding day right? Well a good one stop shop for wedding planning will offer this as part of the wedding package. If they don’t offer direct catering, then they will probably suggest some close business collaborators for that task.

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Where Is the Best One Stop Shop for Wedding Planning?

GBE Events is a well-known event management company for top wedding DJ entertainment in NJ and NYC. We also offer a wide variety of other key wedding services which can make planning for the biggest day of your life a really easy thing. If you want to get the best Wayne NJ wedding DJ and all the best services we have mentioned above, then contact us at GBE events now!


The Perks of Hiring Professional Wedding Videographers for Your Special Wedding Day!


While we are enjoying the most gorgeous and emotional moments through wedding videos and photographs, somewhere we all know that they worth it. There are many couples who do not choose wedding videographers and photographers’ service at their wedding. But one should know that these are one of those moments of our life that cannot be lived again in reality.

Let’s know the reasons why:

Capturing Movement and Sound

A photo can only capture the still moments, but videos have their own aura because they capture movements and sound both. With hiring a professional videographer on your wedding day, you can hear your spouse gasp when he looks at you or maybe the gossips of your friends and relatives along with their laughter. You will have an opportunity to watch your kiss as newlyweds and even the dance moves of your grandparents together. These all beautiful moments make videographers presence worthy at the wedding.

The Emotional Factor

Earlier, videos do not have much innovation. But with the advancement in technology, videographers can easily edit these videos and transform them into an emotional movie with music suiting to the situation. There can be no better way to tell your D-Day story. Relive your wedding day with that emotional factor incorporated.

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A video will show your missed moments at the wedding

Even though you are present on the wedding day, you cannot watch everything there. This is the moment where hiring videographers become a necessity. You can see all the missed moments through a video. The moments can be: Your parents shedding tears while you take vows, the dance of your in-laws on DJ and many more. You will be able to live your wedding day once again with all moments captured through videography.

Shared easily

Once the wedding gets over, all get excited about pictures and videos. Through hiring professional videographers, you can easily get all the moments captured and shared with your loved ones. Videography enables one to upload their wedding videos on YouTube or Vimeo platforms. Short clips made out of those big films can also be shared on social media platforms. The ones who have missed to be the part of your big day can actually feel their presence at the venue through wedding videos. So, let the moments get shared now.

You can watch again and again

Obviously, you can’t hang your wedding videos on your walls and watch them every day. If you have an urge to relive your wedding day, then hire videographers on your wedding to capture the moments for you. This will enable you to watch your wedding videos over and over again. If you wish to play this video at your wedding anniversary or family get-together, definitely it will be a success!

By now, you must have made up your mind for hiring professional videographers on your wedding day. This move will definitely add a bonus in the capturing of moments. You will now not only have the collection of still photos but also the moving moments with sound for sure. So, if your wedding day is just around the corner and you are planning everything; then do not forget to add the most important part on your list i.e., Hire a Videographer!


Top 10 Things you should Ask your Wedding Officiant Before Hiring


Is wedding around the corner? Looking forward to hiring a Wedding Officiant? If it is a yes to these questions, then make sure you ask the ten most important questions at the meeting with Wedding Officiant.

Let’s get known to the following questions below:

1. Can we expect your presence on our wedding date?
It is understood that it’s the most obvious question one would definitely ask. The surprising fact is most of the people forget to ask the Wedding Officiant. You should ask for a confirmation about his presence on the wedding day. If anyhow, he is unable to make it for the intended day, then ask for other recommendations. You will easily get one wedding officiant booked for sure in this well-connected wedding world.

2. How long have you been in this profession?
It is essential to have complete information about your wedding officiant, even if it is about the experience. Experience is everything! The experience gives a complete picture beforehand that how your wedding ceremony is going to be.

3. Are you comfortable with the traveling prospect?
When the weddings are held just near to the wedding officiant, delays are the most unexpected thing. But, if the wedding is a destination wedding; you should get sure whether your officiant is willing to travel or not. Also, talk about the traveling cost and how you are going to pay him for that.

4. Do we (the couple) have to prepare the script for the wedding or you’ll get it prepared?
There are officiants who are experts in their profession and know what to say and how it is going to be presented. But there are some who are involved in writing and go with the proceedings like that. Therefore, ask your officiant beforehand whether he has the collection of songs and readings or not. It is going to help you maintain coordination at your D-day.

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5. When and how often will we meet in regard to the wedding?
Even if there is no need to meet your officiant too often but still it is professional to meet him. It helps you to keep in touch and make things accessible.

6. Do you work off a script?
Get acknowledged of the fact whether your officiant needs words for the script or they are good with their speech.

7. Will you be available for a rehearsal prior to the wedding day?
Ask your officiant about his availability and performance on the wedding day through a rehearsal.

8. Will it be ok to you if there is some exclusion or inclusion of religion in the ceremony?
It is better if you get confirmed of this detail. It will help you avoid sentimental hurts during the wedding.

9. Can you provide some references?
Ask your officiant for references. In case, he doesn’t come, you have the option!

10. How much do you charge?
Ask your officiant about his fees to just get known whether it is in your budget or is there a need to visit someone else.


Same-sex / LGBTQ weddings in NJ and celebrating love


Get mesmerized by that the presentation of same-sex marriage has shifted by ward, being differently refined through an authoritative change to marriage law, a summit court administering dependent on protected assurances of uniformity, by the acknowledgment that the current marriage laws did not counteract it, or by direct mainstream vote by means of referenda and activities. Don’t stress about the most important moment of the time for your LGBT Wedding, as the people, who can make your dreams come true with discussions, of course, are here.

There are some words of wisdom to make your mind for a wedding day, though; these words are analytical in sounding. Well, know that logical examinations demonstrate that the budgetary, mental, and physical prosperity of gay individuals are improved by marriage and that the offspring of same-sex guardians’ profit by being raised by hitched same-sex couples inside a conjugal association that is perceived by law and bolstered by societal institutions. Social science inquiries about shows that the prohibition of gay people from marriage trashes and welcomes open victimization them, with research, additionally, dismissing the thought that either human advancement or practical social requests rely on confining marriage to heterosexuals. Now, will you think of the DJ entertainment in NJ?

Recently, GBE Events did a wedding at the Galloping Hill Golf Course in Kenilworth, NJ for a same-sex female couple, Danielle and Jessica, on October 7, 2018. And, it was a never-ending pleasure. They provided the photo booth, Cinematography and Photography services, DJ entertainment, intelligent lighting. The organizers had the best percussionist Tommy Alvarez, and two were interactive dancers to interact with the guests.

Resistance to same-sex marriage is situated to some extent on convictions that homosexuality is unnatural and irregular, that the acknowledgment of same-sex associations will advance homosexuality in the public eye, and that kids are in an ideal situation when raised by inverse sex couples. These cases are disproved by science, which demonstrates that homosexuality is a characteristic and typical human sexuality, that sexual introduction can’t be picked, and that the offspring of same-sex couples charge similarly also or surprisingly better than the offspring of inverse sex couples.

An investigation across the nation was done and the information from over the United States from January 1999 to December 2015 uncovered that the foundation of same-sex marriage is related to a noteworthy decrease in the rate of endeavored suicide among kids, with the impact being concentrated among offspring of a minority sexual introduction, bringing about roughly 134,000 fewer youngsters endeavoring suicide every year in the United States.

In case, you’re somebody, who prefers out-of-the-crate clothing and embellishments, a winter wedding will truly enable you to get innovative. It’s an extraordinary season for layers and you and your accomplice can explore different avenues regarding vibe. In the winter, it’s all of a sudden not as forbidden to wear a shroud or a scarf at your wedding, so utilize that further bolstering your advantage.

Let’s say that weddings are created with love!