Top 10 Things you should Ask your Wedding Officiant Before Hiring


Is wedding around the corner? Looking forward to hiring a Wedding Officiant? If it is a yes to these questions, then make sure you ask the ten most important questions at the meeting with Wedding Officiant.

Let’s get known to the following questions below:

1. Can we expect your presence on our wedding date?
It is understood that it’s the most obvious question one would definitely ask. The surprising fact is most of the people forget to ask the Wedding Officiant. You should ask for a confirmation about his presence on the wedding day. If anyhow, he is unable to make it for the intended day, then ask for other recommendations. You will easily get one wedding officiant booked for sure in this well-connected wedding world.

2. How long have you been in this profession?
It is essential to have complete information about your wedding officiant, even if it is about the experience. Experience is everything! The experience gives a complete picture beforehand that how your wedding ceremony is going to be.

3. Are you comfortable with the traveling prospect?
When the weddings are held just near to the wedding officiant, delays are the most unexpected thing. But, if the wedding is a destination wedding; you should get sure whether your officiant is willing to travel or not. Also, talk about the traveling cost and how you are going to pay him for that.

4. Do we (the couple) have to prepare the script for the wedding or you’ll get it prepared?
There are officiants who are experts in their profession and know what to say and how it is going to be presented. But there are some who are involved in writing and go with the proceedings like that. Therefore, ask your officiant beforehand whether he has the collection of songs and readings or not. It is going to help you maintain coordination at your D-day.

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5. When and how often will we meet in regard to the wedding?
Even if there is no need to meet your officiant too often but still it is professional to meet him. It helps you to keep in touch and make things accessible.

6. Do you work off a script?
Get acknowledged of the fact whether your officiant needs words for the script or they are good with their speech.

7. Will you be available for a rehearsal prior to the wedding day?
Ask your officiant about his availability and performance on the wedding day through a rehearsal.

8. Will it be ok to you if there is some exclusion or inclusion of religion in the ceremony?
It is better if you get confirmed of this detail. It will help you avoid sentimental hurts during the wedding.

9. Can you provide some references?
Ask your officiant for references. In case, he doesn’t come, you have the option!

10. How much do you charge?
Ask your officiant about his fees to just get known whether it is in your budget or is there a need to visit someone else.